Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend at the Bay

We went down Friday night for Sharon's opening and along the way drove through a heavy rainstorm. The edge of the clouds were visible and eventually it was pouring and sunny at the same time. I spotted an immense rainbow, brilliant against the dark clouds. It seemed to begin right along a stretch of highway we had just passed. A half hour later in Middleton I spotted another rainbow and again could see the end in a nearby field.

Rain held off the rest of the night and we arrived in Chestertown to a large crowd. The gallery was busy and Sharon's work hung prominently in the front. We met friends and celebrated that evening at some local establishments.

Saturday I was happy to see the magnolias just beginning to bloom. The yard was filled with daffodils in yellow, orange, and white. Spring had arrived at the bay. In the spirit of the season, we headed over to a local nursery to pick out some new shrubs for the garden. Their greenhouses were overflowing with plants. Some of the colors and textures were worth photographing. The friendly proprietor shared his homegrown kale, chard, and bok choy with us.

That evening we had dinner at the Chesapeake Inn for Mom's birthday. I chose calamari because it is one of the few species thriving in the warmer, less populated seas, and rockfish because it is local to the bay. For dessert I had key lime pie because I like it.

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