Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Last Week in the Garden...

What a change from last year! We've had a very chilly spring and the seeds are only just beginning to sprout. The radishes are up and looking healthy. I've never had much luck with them as we've always had an abrupt end to the cool weather around here. One day it's 55 and the next day it's 80. This year could be different. Spring is taking her time.

You can already see the variety of greens in the mesclun mix. I'm surprised they all germinated at the same rate but I guess the maturation times will vary.

The escarole is still with us. I'm not sure I'll need it as I planted a bitter/spicy mesclun mix instead of leaf lettuce. If it takes off I may use it as a sauteed side dish.

A garden neighbor planted lovely tulips last fall around her plot.

I didn't make it to the plot this week but am planning a trip on Friday morning to check in on things. I've been letting Mother Nature take care of the watering and sunning and she's been doing a great job this week. We've had a good mix of wet and mild weather. I'm expecting to see good progress with the plants.