Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Radishes and a Garden Cat

It's been chilly the past few days and everything in the garden is enjoying the more seasonal weather. The broccoli transplants I put in last week are doing fine and the lettuce mix is leafing out nicely. The radishes are a success this year and are a welcome first crop. I'm also seeing quite a few volunteer sunflowers that I'll need to move when the moon phase is right (I'm still trying to "garden by the moon"). There are so many baby sunflowers popping up that I'm not sure where I can plant the mix I bought from Pinetree.

Cherry Belle Radishes

How does your garden grow?

Cute garden kitties guard the tomato cages and make me smile!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

First Harvest!

I pulled these beauties from the garden yesterday. I've never had such success with radishes. These are big and juicy. Must have been that compost that went in last fall. There are several dozen yet to mature so we are set for salad fixings for the next month.

Today I transplanted six additional broccoli plants that I started indoors. I also transplanted six additional onions. The gardening by the moon calendar said today and tomorrow were ideal transplanting days. It's also cloudy today so hopefully the shock of going to full sun won't be so bad for the little plants.

Tomorrow I will sow nasturtiums by the trellis and fill in the carrot rows. Everything is up now, even the late planted peas and the lettuce and kale. I filled in the beet rows last week and they are showing signs of life too.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Garden Blooms

The tulips were blooming last week.

I passed this lovely pink dogwood this morning.

Look how blue the sky is!

The iris are doing their thing in the garden.

Plot Progess

This is last week and this week in the planted plot. Everything is up at this point and enjoying a daily drink as we haven't had any rain for over a week. It dripped for about 5 minutes today, but not enough to soak anything through. In the plot there's a lot of variety this year. I'll list everything left to right even if it isn't visible yet in the photos. Purple sprouting broccoli, radish, lettuce mix, 2 types of beet, dinosaur kale, garlic (tall things), onion, strawberry (one has a flower!), perrenial flower (can't remember the name), and 2 types of carrot.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Seedlings in the window

The broccoli, onions, and wild flowers are up. The lettuce leaf basil didn't sprout so I replaced it with cucumbers.