Wednesday, April 18, 2012

First Harvest!

I pulled these beauties from the garden yesterday. I've never had such success with radishes. These are big and juicy. Must have been that compost that went in last fall. There are several dozen yet to mature so we are set for salad fixings for the next month.

Today I transplanted six additional broccoli plants that I started indoors. I also transplanted six additional onions. The gardening by the moon calendar said today and tomorrow were ideal transplanting days. It's also cloudy today so hopefully the shock of going to full sun won't be so bad for the little plants.

Tomorrow I will sow nasturtiums by the trellis and fill in the carrot rows. Everything is up now, even the late planted peas and the lettuce and kale. I filled in the beet rows last week and they are showing signs of life too.

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