Thursday, April 2, 2009

Relax, Don't Worry, Have a Homebrew.

We started our sixth batch of beer last weekend and have already had some surprises. First we managed to boil our wort without having it boil over. I was really conscious of following the directions on this batch because it is a little more complicated than usual. We are making a Dunkelweisse with the usual cans of malt syrup but we boiled some ground grains and some dried hops in the mix. We also added a yeast that came suspended in liquid in a vial. The yeast took almost 2 days to begin bubbling away. I was getting impatient, thinking we killed the yeast somehow, and researching re-yeasting methods but we woke up one morning to a lot of activity. Then yesterday we came home and beer was in the airlock. Not really sure how it happened. We cleaned it up and here is what the beer looks like right now.

The airlock is the plastic thing on top. It lets CO2 out and keeps everything else from getting in and contaminating the beer. In the past we've made brown ale, stout, bitter, and IPA. I've appreciated all except the bitter which was just too bitter for my taste.

Here's a view of the seed action in the windowsill:

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