Thursday, April 30, 2009

Brunswick Community Garden Plot

My garden is coming along. The first photo is from about a month ago and below that are pea shoots from that time. The last photo I took this morning after I planted some squash seedlings by the trellis.
To the left of the rock are radishes and some are peeking out of the soil, already the size of a dime. I have mixed lettuces and arugula growing all through the bottom along the brick line. Between the radishes and lettuce are swiss chard rows running all the way to the trellis. Above those on the trellis side are kale and carrots. Above the radish are beets just beginning to sprout. The squash plants are the stringy plants at the middle and near end of the trellis.
I'm sending a soil sample off to Rutgers tomorrow to see if I should be eating any of these things. Lead is a problem in Jersey City due to its industrial past. I'm perfectly happy growing flowers if there is a problem.
Check out these beauties from the garden.

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