Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Neighborhood Under Attack!

There's a lovely abandoned rail bed in my neighborhood that runs along 6th street for five or so blocks. It's raised about two stories up and provides a protected green space for local wildlife. It's called the Embankment and it is one of the few remaining historical structures that reminds us of Jersey City's industrial past. Last week on my way to the garden (it sits right next to one section of the Embankment) I encountered a sign posted on the Brunswick Street retaining wall of the structure and snapped a photo.

It is a notice of a public hearing concerning the fate of the rail bed. I was concerned enough to take the photo but mentioned it to a neighbor who shrugged it off saying, "They bring that up every few years. I think we're safe." However, this morning I received an email asking me to sign a petition to save the Embankment. Apparently the land has been sold (possibly illegally sold) to a developer who would like to tear it down to make way for condos. I think most Jersey City residents would agree that we do not need more condos. Since I moved here in 2006 they've razed most of the original factories and developed the waterfront to capacity (I hope). I'd like to see the preservation of the quickly disappearing historical buildings and structures that make Jersey City an interesting place to live.

If you would like to take action and sign the petition, click here and enter AB 167 1189 X in the first four boxes. Fill in the other required areas and in the comments section you can simply enter: I want a full and fact-based Environmental Impact Study of the entire Harsimus Branch. Living in Jersey City is not necessary. The deadline for this action is 4pm today.

You can help save those cute little gold finches that ate my sunflowers last summer!

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