Monday, May 12, 2014

Last Week in the Plot

With all the sun and showers, stuff is popping up in the garden, including lots of rogue sunflowers. To discourage the garden cats from turning my plot into one big litter box, I'm draping the soil with tomato cages and branches. When the plants are more established, I'll remove the mess. 

The Ragged Jack kale is looking healthy. I planted a second row of the dinosaur kale next to it, but the old seed didn't germinate. 

My red salad mix seems happy. It's not as red as I thought it would be but I'm excited about the speckled leaf variety in there. 

The carrots are now identifiable as carrots. I planted a second batch inbetween these rows. 

The soil has been top dressed with compost. In areas without plants I dug some of it in. Then I sowed nasturtium, yard long beans, melon, and additional rows of lettuce where the first batch didn't take. 

I haven't decided yet what my new trellis will look like. It has to be at least 6' tall to accommodate the yard long beans. 

Tonight I'm planting some organic and conventional plants that I got from

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Aga Grabowska said...

The salad leaves look very scrummy. I grew it last year and loved it. This year I have no success, and had to sow the seeds again and again. My synflowers havent germinated either:(