Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Garden

Earlier in the season, I was a little annoyed at these sunflowers for blocking the early morning light needed by my Brown Berry tomato plant. When they finally bloomed I forgave them. They've seduced me with their rich red colors. And anyway, the Brown Berries are a little funky tasting.

Things are finally perking up in the plot. We've had on and off soaking rains for the past few days and the plants are all a little greener and putting out new growth in most cases. The eggplant is finally starting to branch out and at least two blossoms are starting to form.

The compost squash has grown large enough to begin fruiting. We'll see if any of the latest blossoms turn into mystery squashes. I say mystery because they are notorious open pollinators. One never knows what other squash blossoms may have been visited by the bee who made this one possible. It could be some crazy hybrid decorative gourd. I'm crossing my fingers for something edible.

The garden hot pepper is doing just fine. I'm waiting for these to ripen on the vine and may use them for our famous summertime treat: Asian Gazpacho!

These two are always entertaining to watch while watering and weeding in the garden. Sometimes they overwhelm me with cuteness.

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Sharon Bancroft said...

I want Asian Gazpacho!!
The sunflowers are so, so pretty.