Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Seed Sowing

The windowsill seed starter is loaded up and so are my expectations for lots of summer vegetables and flowers. The plastic greenhouse is planted left to right with:
Ildi Grape Tomatoes
Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes
Mystery Heirloom Tomatoes that I ate last summer
Crookneck Squash
Summer Squash
I had planned on starting Sweet Corn but I didn't realize they needed a planting depth of 2". My planter is barely 1.5". So I threw in the squashes and basil. The flowers will become gifts if they make it. The basil will stay on the windowsill. The tomatoes will go in my plot. No plans yet for the squash. Squashes tend to get attacked by vine borers at the plot. They may just need more attention.

Cat Note: Cha Cha is recovering nicely from being spayed. Mao Mao seems to be acting more like her old self now that Cha Cha is a no-sex like she is.

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