Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Vegetable Exhibit at the Fair

Last weekend we spent the day at the New Jersey State Fair out in Sussex County, NJ. One of the highlights for me each year at the event is the gardening pavilion. Of course they have a zucchini contest for those forgotten fruits that balloon on the vine. I'm more interested in seeing different gardeners' bounty though. 

This lovely basket received a blue ribbon.  It showcases an impressive variety of veg grown in a home garden. We hit the fair during the first weekend this year so although that kohlrabi is already looking a little limp in the leaf, everything on display was pretty perky. 

This huge eggplant plant blew my socks off. It's hard to tell from the photo, but the thing had to be at least 4' tall and was covered with blossoms and tiny white eggplants. 

There are several different competitions in the garden tent. I think the gist of this one was to create a container garden in an unconventional container. I like the idea of possible seeing the root growth in this fish tank planter. 

This cooler tomato looks really happy so something about the container must be working. 

We had a great day with our 5yo niece in tow. I might do an animal post next from the fair!!

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