Friday, June 27, 2014

Spring Harvests

All things leafy have been the stars of the harvest basket this month. I've been picking almost daily salads of mixed lettuces and baby Ragged Jack kale. Mixed in, there's been the occasional radish and baby carrot too. 

I had a very old packet of leftover radish seeds that I sprinkled here and there. Only a few sprouted and many bolted during a couple of warm afternoons. The ones that made it to bulb form were crisp and spicy. 

The two strawberry plants I have tucked in a corner gave us a handful of the sweetest fruit I've ever tasted this year. The plants don't seem to love the location, in fact they want to spread into the walkways instead of the rest of the bed. I keep them around because they're so polite :)

The Swiss Chard plant I bought on a whim from Priapi has been very happy. We sauted a bunch last week and the flavor was exceptional compared to the watery stuff you can get at the grocery store. I'll get a couple more cuttings from it I think. 

I'm not sure where the orange carrots came from, but they're definitely sweeter than the underdeveloped yellow variety. 

I'll put together a post showing how my "jungle" has grown over the past month. 

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