Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Summer Garden

Things are getting bushy in the garden.  As spring turns to summer, it'll be time to make some decisions about what to plant next.  That patch of lettuce in the center right will be exhausted and that enormous flowering purple sprouting broccoli in the top left will be chopped into compost.  Eventually all the garlic along the right will be ready (July?) and the radishes in front of the broccoli will have bolted.

That may leave just enough room for the tomatoes to grow, or I could fill in with some short perennial flowers.  If the weather stays cool I might be able to grow lettuce under the shade of the tomatoes.  I'm more inclined to maximize my space than to let things be, so I'm sure I'll plant something new!  Maybe something for that trellis in the back...

PS: Last week I was weeding in the garden, perched on my single stepping stone in the middle, and I toppled over and narrowly missed squashing a bunch of plants.  A second stepping stone is on my short list to prevent future disasters.

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