Thursday, May 30, 2013

Heat Wave

We're having our first heat wave of 2013 in the Brunswick Street Community Garden and that means bye-bye for some spring crops. Tonight I'll be checking on everything but I am anticipating bolted lettuce and radishes.

Last week the garden looked amazing. We were coming off a long spring with a good mix of sun, cool temperatures, and weekly heavy rain. I think summer may have arrived this week. Luckily I pulled a big bunch of radishes before the weekend. (I apologize for the bad photo, I'm trying to figure out this issue.)
They were the best harvest of cherry belle radishes I have ever had, I think due in part to the long spring. When I pulled them, I filled in with more seeds but I think the weather is too warm for radishes to grow now. 

As for the lettuce, I had a beautiful patch before the weekend. I plan to harvest a few heads tonight and if the remainder aren't dying of heat stroke, I might consider setting up a shade for them. If I can keep the sun off them for the next two days, I might be able to prevent the lettuce heads from bolting. 

It's hardly a doom and gloom situation though. The tomatoes, hot peppers, and eggplants are loving this warm spell and will probably double in size as a result. I can't wait to see what happens with those this summer. 

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