Friday, June 11, 2010

Hot Pepper, I see you!

My first hot pepper appeared yesterday. I can't locate the tag so I'm not sure what variety it is. Josh and I have been building up our tolerance at home with an extra spicy jalapeno salsa that we've been eating. Yes, we're a little wimpy with the spicy stuff.

Two Crookneck Squashes are growing and even making tiny blossoms. The plants need more sun and I might remove some bush beans in a week or two if it doesn't get any bigger. The leaves should be about 8 inches across, not 3.

Our lettuce supply is dwindling and just in time for the summer heat. We'll move to farmer's market leafy greens by July. Although I planted less this year, it turned out to be just the right amount. I shared some during the height of the season and now we're down to the last few heads just as it's starting to toughen.

As usual, there are about 15 marigolds too many in this picture. In addition to the row at the bottom, several stragglers popped up between the beets, in the center of the plot, and even under some of the bush beans. Last week I ruthlessly removed volunteer tomato plants. Next week I'll find a home for marigolds.

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