Friday, May 7, 2010

My Babies

Thanks to the cabbage for making the ultimate sacrifice to make way for my new babies: Mortgage Lifter, Box Car Willy, Brown Berry, Mystery Eggplant (forget what type it is), and Poblano Pepper. It's hard to tell from this little picture, but the carrots are nice and frondy in the bottom right, the lettuce is thriving on the far left, and the radishes are making do in the top right. Beets, beans, and spinach are mixed throughout. The eggplant is the big thing in the lower center with the largest leaves. Brown Berry is at the center of the trellis. Mortgage Lifter and Box Car Willie are in the upper right keeping the radishes shaded. The Poblano is in the center but so are some beans so it may be difficult to distinguish between the two at this point.

Here are my other babies, sleeping like babies. At least one of them was snoring right before I took the picture but I won't say who.

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