Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Last Week in Bloom

Garden Report: Stuff is blooming, growing, and happy. We got through our last cold spell and are looking forward to the days of late spring and early summer. Last week I took these photos at the garden and have yet to get back there since I've returned from my Telford trip. Before I left, the roses were peaking, lots of early perennials were adding flashes of color here and there, and the peonies were threatening to go at any moment. I'm sure I'll catch the tail end of their display this week when I go to get the salad greens.
Pretty in Pink (and later: Pretty in My Kitchen!)

Indigo and White

Peonies About To Burst and Those Skinny Pink Flowers That I Love

You can't really tell from the photo but this Peony was almost fluorescing! The bud was about the size of a lime and there were at least three more on the bush.

The bush beans are beginning to get bushy and in hindsight are probably going to crowd out my spinach. Lesson learned. Everything else is doing well. The peas are finally making flowers and one squash and a few cucumbers are making a go at it. I thinned the carrots and tried to encourage the already giant sunflowers to grow on the fig side of the trellis.

The lettuce was full and leafy and there were a few marigolds to replace it when it bolts. I also see a rogue tomato in the top of the photo. That will probably have to go.

The tasty beet greens have been adding some extra crunch to our salad bowl. I'm glad I planted so many and I think their location in front of the trellis will be just perfect. They aren't easily accessible but it doesn't matter because they're not going anywhere until August.

We ate some very large salads last week to keep up with the lettuce supply. I expect to find big plants when I return to the garden tomorrow.

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