Wednesday, March 31, 2010

All in a Day's Work

Bottling the Homebrew
We made a lovely batch of beer last month based off of a recipe from our beer making how to book. It took a bit longer to carbonate than we expected and we drank the first few bottles prematurely. Now that it's nice and bubbly we have a near-perfect brew. We experimented with different hops and went a little lighter on the malt and came up with something that is very drinkable.

Lap Warming
Mao Mao never misses an opportunity to spend some quality time with Josh when he's working at the computer. She keeps his lap warm and in return he protects her from her annoying little sister. I don't think Cha Cha even knows that Mao Mao hides here.

Sink Patrolling

Sink Inspecting
While Mao Mao is busy warming laps, Cha Cha has taken an interest in plumbing. She's been discovered hanging out in the wet kitchen sink, staring blankly into the depths of the drain, and emerging later on with a damp coat. She is also the first to inspect the shower post-use and has taken Mao Mao's post at the side of the tub where the cold spigot drips.

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