Sunday, August 30, 2009

Garden, Early August and Tropical Cha Cha

This was taken almost a month ago before I harvested the carrots (upper left), leafy stuff, beans (upper right), and beets (lower right). We had so much rain in July that the leafy stuff kept growing strong through most of the summer. August was hot though, so it's all pulled up now.

A good swiss chard harvest filled a large mixing bowl and made four servings of veggies for Josh and I over the course of two meals.

I pulled half of the beets up and pickled them in the fridge. I will do the same with the remainder. My cherry tomato plants occasionally choose to produce a small snack for me. Yes, they are orange. Yes, they are sweet and delicious.

Cha Cha has a renewed interest in the jade plant. If it can survive her tough love I'll probably have a whole album full of Tropical Cha Cha.

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