Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cha Cha Update

Cha Cha's found a very dirty sleeping spot. I'm not sure how long the plant is going to be able to take the abuse. It's shedding leaves daily. The other problem is the dirt being tracked around. I would feel bad taking away her tropical paradise but I don't feel like vacuuming every night. One good thing: she doesn't use it as a litter box.

Mao Mao is on vacation in the country this week, enjoying her freedom and some solitude. Cha Cha seems a little lonely without her.


Sharon Bancroft said...

Why do you think Cha Cha sleeps in the jade plant? Very dirty indeed! Love the pics.

Mao Mao Kitty said...

We lost another arm on the plant yesterday. Thanks for stopping by, sis!