Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What's Growing?

It's a jungle in there so I've switched my plot photo standpoint to the other side. Now the strawberries, leeks, carrots, and basil are in the front and the squash, monster bean plants, and tomatoes are in the rear. Everything is doing great except the squash- I had a huge squash bug infestation last week that may wind up killing the plants. Sigh. I can never seem to grow squash. It's always something. I can only hope that the baby praying mantis I keep spotting on the carrots goes two doors down and feasts on the bugs. 

If he does, I just might get to eat this butternut. 

Otherwise, I'll just have to be content with lots of yellow pear tomatoes- I've got three volunteer plants from last year. 

This was the final lettuce harvest. I pulled the plants and put in more seeds in their place. I'm trying for a fall crop. 

Carrots, the kale that won't quit, and my first muncher cucumber made a delicious chopped salad. Lettuce? Who needs it!  

More carrots, more kale, and a mint plant that snuck into my plot came home last week. 

And more!  Just waiting for the tomatoes and more cucumbers to come now. 

Here's a view of the jungle this week.