Thursday, May 7, 2015

When to Plant the Garden? Now!

In our neighborhood, the daffodils are done, the cherries have leafed out, but the late tulips are still going strong. 

Last year's kale is happier than ever and that means Mao Mao's getting lots of little kale nibbles before dinner. Yes, our cat is a big fan of greens. I am too, so our human salads are getting a big supplement from the garden lately. 

Three varieties of lettuce are also sprouting in the plot. I've harvested leaves from the red romaine but the others are taking their time. This photo is from last week. We're getting closer to harvest size this week. 

What else is growing? Two varieties of carrots are up. The strawberry plants have an abundance of blossoms. I transplanted about a dozen leeks from the windowsill "greenhouse" to the plot.  I repotted a dozen pepper plants into bigger containers to encourage more growth and hope to keep a few on the fire escape. The radicchio plants are looking good but are getting a little crowded with the kale. I might have to chop the kale monster down a bit. 

It was a very cold and long winter but we're finally deep into spring. And now that Mothers Day is upon us, it is officially safe to get planting. I see a trip to the garden center in my future. The tomato seedings are calling my name. 

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