Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Garden Harvest Backlog from Brunswick Street

So it seems as though my posts from September and October failed to publish. So you've missed seeing all the goodies that I've pulled from the ground, snipped from the stem, and plucked from the vine. 

Crazy carrots were part of the harvest. I was never thrilled with the flavor of the Amarillo yellow carrots and will stick with orange Nantes in the future. 

If anything was consistent this season, it was the kale and those volunteer bottleneck cherry tomatoes. Both were unstoppable and made sure we had homegrown salads on the table almost every night. 

A few times we gussied up the salads with nasturtiums. Fancy!

I picked a few tomatoes that were just beginning to ripen and then removed all the green ones and cleared the plants out of the plot. Yesterday I pickled the green tomatoes with some hot peppers. 

The last of the carrots also came out. The plot is clear except for the kale (still looks perfect), some lettuce, and my perennial white salvia that keeps the bees happy all summer long. 

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