Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Color in the Community Garden

After a little lull in blooms at the end of June, the garden is back to floral vibrancy. The sunflowers are the stars right now and my red mix from last year has definitely shown up in the variety of volunteer plants surrounding my plot. 

Rusty yellows, oranges, and deep brown hues are all represented. 

Even brilliant red sunflowers have bloomed. The bees seem particularly drawn to these striking colors. 

The rich warm tones look wonderful with the 6' tall shaggy daisies and orange day lilies nearby. 

This year the day lilies are putting on a fantastic show. Although the blooms only last a day, they just keep coming. 


Aga Grabowska said...

I love the orange sunflowers! We had many last year but this year all little seedling were eaten by slugs. I have experience the pain of slugs in the garden very much this year! Brrr

Mao Mao Kitty said...

Thank you Aga and so sorry to hear about the slugs! We had a very hard winter so the bugs have been less of a problem this year. We have been able to grow squash for the first time in many years as it seems the vine borers did not survive the winter!