Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pumpkin Season

As you may know, I love pumpkins. Pretty much as soon as the last boat is taken out of the water on Labor Day, I'm thinking about when and where I can get a big winter squash.  This year we waited a long time to visit the local garden store to pick up these two beauties.  The big guy weighs in at 34lbs. The little one is just such an adorably small Long Island Cheese squash that I had to have it. And in a month, that one may become soup or pie.  

Why did we wait until the middle of October to get some pumpkins?? It's been warm. I have yet to put away my shorts and take out my sweaters. It hasn't really felt like fall. I don't think the leaves are going to put on a very good show this year. 

But I couldn't take it anymore. It's almost Halloween. Soon there won't be any pumpkins left. Soon the stores will all be pushing red and green instead of orange and brown. 

We have tentative plans to visit a proper pumpkin patch this Friday in Sussex Co NJ. Hopefully that will help boost our pumpkin numbers around here a little. 3 is sort of skimpy for me. We don't even have any gourds!

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