Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lazy Cat and New Kitten

The white cat is one of the garden's regulars. There's a whole troupe of white and gray and white and black and just plain black cats running around there. They've all been fixed (except one newcomer adult male) and are fed daily by a few dedicated cat lovers.

We think the new kitten was dumped about a month ago. He's fitting right in with the rest of the bunch, eating and playing with whomever can stomach the company of a rambunctious kitten. Before I photographed him, we played for a while with a grass tassel. He's adorable and playful but still distrustful of humans. In a few months that will probably change and with regular contact I'm sure the process would go even faster. Yesterday he was nose to nose with one of the kind souls who brings food and you could see curiosity almost trumping fear.

The man asked if I knew of anyone on the market for a kitten. So I'm getting the word out that this little gray tabby is looking for a home before the cold weather sets in! If we can't find someone, a local pet shop offered to show him off in a cage in his store to find an adoptee. That might scare the fluff out of the little guy but it's better than life on the streets.

More updates to come when they're available.

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