Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Weeds of Beauty, etc.

I spotted this striking weed growing in a parking lot.  It looks like a cross between a daisy and a thistle. If it wasn't behind a locked gate, I might have dug it up to take home.  I love the ornamental thistles that are showing up more and more in the botanical gardens and nurseries.  This pointy pop of yellow could be the next big trend in the garden.

The radish crop is almost complete.  Rather than plant more, I'm waiting for my bush beans to sprout.  The broccoli is taking its time and is soon to be surpassed by the lettuce mix.  I've already begun adding beet greens to our salads and am anxious to stop adding lettuce to the weekly grocery list.  Doesn't it feel good to bring homegrown food to the table?

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