Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rain, Sun, and Rogue Peaches

We are moving into mid and late spring flowers now in the garden. These white things are going crazy. The iris have been giving me steady arrangements for a few weeks now. The peony blossoms are growing and promising a spectacular display.

This is what the plot looked like at the end of last week. I might stop by again tonight on my way home from work to see if anything's changed. We've had days of steady rain and cool weather and I think we could use some warm sunny weather now to get stuff going. Last night was in the low 40's and tonight will be just as chilly before we get up to 80 on Saturday. Maybe everything is just a little confused.
Last week I did verify that the radish seeds I planted were a mix of White Icicle and Cherry Belle. I'm hoping for more Cherry Belle than Icicle and tried to thin out the latter to make room for the sprouts that seemed slightly pink. Last year the Icicles seemed less flavorful and slightly woody in texture.

I found quite a few peach trees sprouting throughout the common areas last week and transplanted one in the pot beside my plot. Maybe one will find a future home at the Bay? We used to have a peach tree by the driveway when I was a kid.

What should I do with that last cabbage?

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