Sunday, January 10, 2010

Belated Christmas Cat Photos

The Big December Snow that dumped 8" of the fluffy stuff on us came right before Christmas and sent shoppers into a panic. Cha Cha seemed unaffected.

Mao Mao has a new favorite spot in the living room: a pillow expertly positioned on the couch arm to prevent Christmas tree attacks. Although the tree is long gone, we can't remove the pillow. Mao Mao would be devastated.

The car looked pretty funny after the storm. Luckily the plow plowed all the snow on the other side of the street and we were able to get our bad-ass ride out Monday morning.

Cha Cha's favorite Christmas memory? Ribbon. Everywhere.

Christmas day we all got together for a family photo. I'm not sure where Mao Mao is.

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