Monday, October 5, 2009

Terrain at Styer's in Pennsylvania

My mother and I stopped by this nursery a few weeks ago after I saw a roadside sign advertising "heirloom pumpkins" and nearly exploded with excitement. The wagon o' wonders was an impressive display to say the least. In addition to the fall bounty, they seem to specialize in repurposing objects for use in garden and landscape design. I am no longer convinced that old stumps need to be removed. My love of rustic concrete planters has been reinforced.


nice display

My mother seemed to like these Peanut Pumpkins.

A few jumbo pumpkins mingled with the classics.

Pumpkin inspired paint scheme?

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Sharon Bancroft said...

I really need to check this place out. Maybe you can use some of their wonderful landscaping products for the Bay?