Monday, January 26, 2009

A drive through southern vermont...

On sunday barbara and I began our day in dorset at the black sheep yarn store. the owner assisted me in choosing some yarn to begin a scarf project. i have an instructional book and along with her advice i chose two similarly colored thick wool yarns to try it out. This will keep me occupied until planting season. the rutland paper's article on vegetable gardening only fed the fire more. i'm also reading a history of kitchen gardening in the u.s. i've been considering expanding my plot with a few extra containers. corn, beans, potatoes, lettuce in the containers. lettuce was my most successful crop last year. we didn't purchase salad greens until july when the plants went to seed in the heat.
Lunch at the dorset inn included an arugula and pickled fennel salad, lamb and guinness stew, and a big mug of coffee. we ate alongside some older travelers who addressed the waitresses by name. the inn is the oldest continuously running inn in the country. since the mid 1700's. after lunch we drove around dorset to admire the homes and farmland. we headed southwest towards a covered bridge and i spotted a bald eagle landing on a tree.

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